Hello! You've found this landing page. Go you.

I've not really thought of what to actually put here, so here's links to things I actually write/use/maintain.


up.vidyagam.es - Free temporary file host

status.vidyagam.es - Cachet status page

soc.vidyagam.es - Mastodon Instance


I also run my own nameservers (ns1.vidyagam.es and ns2.vidyagam.es) w/ DNSSEC.

I'm very receptive of people who want to "audit" my security, feel free to try and if you come across anything...

Email: ryan(at)vidyagam.es PGP Key

Twitter: @Phenfinite

Mastodon: @ryan@soc.vidyagam.es

I might set up a technical blog at some point; but there's no real need, and additionally, I want to try and unify all the authentication for each of these things listed above. Maybe...

- Ryan

P.S: If you landed here and you're a TERF, promptly get in your car and drive off of the nearest cliff. You're not welcome here.